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We use brand new W&H ImplantMed drive units for implant placement. Their sophisticated software, powerful motors and ergonomic design have made them the industry standard. Simple operation and variable programs aid in making implant placement efficient and precise.

Implant Center 2

Our Implant Center 2 console is the latest addition to our state-of-the-art armamentarium. It incorporates an implant motor and piezotome in one unit. The dual, LED illuminated handpieces facilitate tip switching and minimize the total surgical time for your patients.


Piezosurgery is the latest evolution in bone surgery and is rapidly growing in popularity. By means of ultrasonic transduction, our piezotome cuts bone without cutting soft tissue. It is extremely safe and precise. The reduced trauma results in faster and better wound healing. Ideal for haresting bone blocks and sinus lateral window preparation.

Diode Laser

Unsurpassed at uncovering implants and sculpturing the gingiva around implants in the esthetic zone! Soft tissue diode lasers have become the modality of choice worldwide for cosmetic procedures, troughing, gingivalplasty and implant recovery. The versatility of the diode laser, combined with the latest technology, compact design and portability make this a practical addition to our armamentarium.


The ultimate implant planning tool! Simplant is an interactive 3D planning software that visualizes your patient’s anatomy with unparalleled precision, in three dimensions. With Simplant, implants can be placed directly into your patient’s CT or CBCT image, manipulated and viewed in three dimensions for precision and accuracy. Simplant makes the simple cases go quickly and the complex cases go smoothly.


SurgiGuides are custom made surgical drill templates. They provide an accurate means of transferring the proposed implant positions from your patient’s CT or CBCT image to the mouth. SurgiGuides can assure safe and predictable surgery. Benefits include minimally invasive and flapless surgery, reduced healing time, predictability and improved esthetic results.

Stereolithic Bone Models

Stereolithic bone models are replicas of your patient’s jaws. With these incredible CAD/CAM models, we can perform “virtual” implant placement in your patient’s mouth beforehand…and have the prosthetic components prepared before surgery! An indispensable tool for shortening the total treatment time.

Recombinant Bone Morphogenic Protein

It’s finally here! Recombinant BMP is now biologically produced and FDA approved for alveolar ridge grafting and sinus lift procedures. BMP induces the body’s own undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells to form bone, making sites that were once poor candidates for implant placement into ideal sites for implant placement.